Fifth Grade

The fifth grade teachers strive to instill good citizenship, organization/time management and study skills needed for future academic endeavors. We foster independence through transitioning for the content areas of social studies, science, and health. Students learn advanced study skill habits through project based learning, note taking and technology application. All lessons are aligned to standard based education. In fifth grade, students focus on working as a learning community and developing a sense of appreciation for each other. Art instruction by a local expert is provided.

The fifth grade follows a middle school module. We switch classes weekly for social studies, science and health. We are a tech savvy community of learners fully equipped with technology, such as Elmos and Smartboards.
Students are also encouraged to participate in the History Day Fair. Research proves parent participation and involvement is a key factor in your individual child’s success.

Ask your teacher what you can to support your child’s learning.


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June 28, 2011