Kindergarten is a special time in a child’s life. Kindergarten at Mokapu Elementary develops the “whole child.” While adhering and following the Hawaii State Standards, we believe that young children enter Kindergarten excited about learning. Following the developmentally appropriate practices, we believe that we need to nurture that excitement and have the students continue to explore the world around him or her. At Mokapu your child will learn all about letters, numbers and how to use them to read, write, add and subtract and much more. Your child will make new friends and learn how to be respectful, responsible and safe. We follow National Core curriculum Standards in Reading and Math. Entering Jr. K students, based on age, will move to K the next year for developmentally appropriate and challenging curriculum and instruction. Research proves parent participation and involvement is a key factor in your individual child’s success. Ask your teacher what you can to support your child’s learning.

Some of the highlights of Kindergarten include:

• Kinder Kamp to help orientate students and parents to kindergarten at the beginning of the year (link to flyer)
• Hands-on learning such as cooking projects like making gingerbread cookies at holiday time
• Using thematic units for social studies and science, such as seeds, plants and animals
• Growing class gardens with a variety of flowers and vegetables
• Field trips to the fire station (fire safety), sea life park (study of ocean animals), zoo (animals and their habitats), Children’s Discovery Center
• Celebrating the 100th day of school
• Family involvement with kindergarten reading and math curriculum in conjunction with Book Fairs.
• Each kindergarten student will keep a Kindergarten Pride or Memory Portfolio

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