Second Grade

Welcome to grade 2, where learning is an exciting journey into all subject areas enhanced by field trips and projects. Your child’s reading experience will be enriched by award winning stories from Harcourt Trophies and the website Achieve Kidbiz for independent reading levels accessible at school and home. Math includes hands-on activities and Envision Math curriculum by Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley. Social studies covers meaningful benchmarks related to family, culture and our past and present issues on earth. . We follow National Core curriculum Standards in Reading and Math. Science is filled with investigations about living and non-living things, earth, matter and energy. We have a PE teacher, computer teacher and Hawaiian studies teacher. Art is integrated into the subject areas. Grades 2 and 3 will participate in an art project funded by a grant from the Hawaii State Foundation of Arts. The grant allows for a local artist to teach the students, culminating in a sculpture created for the school (Thanks Mrs. Kaskovich (parent) for writing the grant!).

Our grade 2 teachers are experienced and continue to enhance their teaching at professional workshops and classes. Research proves parent participation and involvement is a key factor in your individual child’s success. Ask your teacher what you can to support your child’s learning. The only thing needed is you and your child. Come experience the grade 2 journey of meaningful and joyful learning.

Aloha, Grade 2 Teachers


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June 28, 2011