Sixth Grade

Aloha! Welcome to the 6th grade at Mokapu! During this last year of elementary school, our 6th graders will compete in the Science Fair, Fine Arts Program, travel on several field trips and make many new friends. Sixth graders at Mokapu work very hard as we prepare for the online Hawaii State Assessments (HSAs). Academics take on a different dimension as we prepare our students for the introduction to middle school. Following a middle school module, our 6th graders all have a homeroom class for math and language arts, but switch classes for science, social studies and health. In addition to these academic classes our students also participate in library, computer and PE. Art instruction by a local expert is provided. Although our grading system is consistent with the rest of the school, we do convert the year end grade to the traditional A, B, C and D scoring system. Research proves parent participation and involvement is a key factor in your individual child’s success. Ask your teacher what you can to support your child’s learning.



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June 28, 2011