Special Needs

At Mokapu, we are committed to meeting the needs of every student. For students with special needs, there are a variety of programs and services that are available at our school. Here you will find a brief overview of the Comprehensive Student Support System (CSSS) used to identify and address the special needs of a child as well as the programs and services that we offer.

What is CSSS

This system is the Department of Education’s construct for ensuring a continuum of supports and services that provide the academic, social, emotional, and physical environments to assist students to learn and meet high educational standards. A major component of CSSS is to provide all students with a variety of resources and services to improve their learning, within and beyond the classroom instruction. An array of student support services ensures that the supports provided and their delivery, correspond to the severity, complexity, and frequency of each student’s needs. The array of services is identified through five levels of student support (see pages 4 and 5 of this pamphlet). This support represents a community of caring and supportive relationships among students, teacher, families, and agencies which occur at all levels, ensuring timely and appropriate services for all students.

Goals of CSSS




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June 28, 2011