Third Grade

Third grade at Mokapu is an exciting year full of challenge, exploration and mastering of fundamental skills. It is a year for students to build their independent work skills and to grow to be responsible self-directed learners.

It is our goal as the 3rd grade teachers to provide enrichment experiences for our students that integrate math, reading, writing, science and social studies skills.

Some of our academic highlights in math are securing basic multiplication and division facts, understanding place value, counting money and making change. We practice telling time and figuring out elapsed time. We learn about perimeter, area, volume and we compare and order fractions.

In language arts we concentrate on spelling, vocabulary and building reading comprehension skills. Third grade is the year to learn how to develop paragraphs by breaking up ideas and including introduction and conclusion statements. We start be creating graphic organizers, then progress to writing rough drafts, practicing editing skills and writing final drafts.

Grades 2 and 3 will participate in an art project funded by a grant from the Hawaii State Foundation of Arts. The grant allows for a local artist to teach the students, culminating in a sculpture created for the school (Thanks Mrs. Kaskovich, parent, for writing the grant!).

We teach computer and research skills too! Third grade is the year for interactive projects and involving topics like animal research and country research power point presentations. We enjoy taking our students on education field trips like:

•Base Environment and Resources (pre and post)
•Aloun Farms (The Pumpkin Patch)
•The Nature Center – Honouliuli Wildlife Refuge in Ewa
•The Honolulu youth Symphony
•The Bishop Museum
•The Imaginarium (The Planetarium)
•The contemporary Art Museum
•Sea Life Park

Third grade is a year to blossom into Effective Communicators that can express themselves through their work and classroom discussion. We encourage every student to be Community Contributors by giving mutual respect and support to their peers.

We, the third grade teachers, are committed to preparing our students to be successful fourth graders. Research proves parent participation and involvement is a key factor in your individual child’s success. Ask your teacher what you can to support your child’s learning. We agree that each year we need to tailor out instruction to meet the needs of the unique individuals that join our classes, our students.


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June 28, 2011