Transition and PCNC

Transition Coordinator

PCNC Facilitator
Loryn Wooten & Jennifer Lynch

Parent and Community Networking Center (PCNC)
Mrs. Loryn Wooten and Mrs. Jennifer Lynch invite you to come and visit our PCNC and Transition Centers in room P-6. Here we coordinate and collaborate volunteer work by networking with our parents and teachers, our administrative staff and our Mokapu community and military partners. Our goal is to support our teachers and students in an effective and productive manner to make education here at Mokapu a wonderful experience. We continue with our vision to develop “Life Long Learners and Responsible Citizens.” Please come and visit with us!
Mokapu’s Ongoing Projects through our PCNC Center:

  • School-To-Home Communication
    • Mokapu Newsletter
    • First Day of School “Welcome Back” Packets
    • Transition Center “Welcome New Student” Packets
    • Individualized Informational Packets
    • Handbook for Volunteer Parents and Parent Coordinators
    • Parent Coffee Hour: Meet and speak with other parents regarding school-related concerns or events of interest
    • Collate and distribute weekly community flyers and bulletins
    • Plan and participate in ongoing student events: Turkey Trot, Special Performances, etc.
  • Family Time
    • Lunch with your student via Family Lunches
    • Breakfast with your student via Holiday Breakfasts
    • Family Support Workshops
  • Parent/ Child Interaction Workshops
    • Title I Family Literacy Workshops
    • PTA Family nights and Enrichment Programs
  • School and Community Awareness
School Community Council Forum


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June 28, 2011